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The Design Process

Would you like a new garden?

The aim of Eden Garden Design is to help to improve your surroundings – to enable you to enjoy your garden and make the best use of its space.

Paradise Potential!

However small or large the garden it should enhance your quality of life. This can be achieved by creating a balance between the house and garden, and by making focal points, which draw the eye and entice you into the garden to explore or relax.

The first thing to do is to contact me, either by phone or by email. I will arrange to come for a first visit, which may take up to two hours as this is when we will discuss your needs and hopes, and look at the garden together. It is helpful if you have thought about how you would like to use the garden in the future, and whether you have any favourite plants or colours.

The survey will then be done – the measuring up of the garden, drawing initial sketches, taking soil samples, photographs, etc.

I will visit you again with some sketches illustrating my ideas, to make sure you like the shape things are taking and then the final plan and other advice sheets (if wanted, see below) will follow in due course.

Planting schemes for individual flower beds are normally included in the design plan, unless specifically excluded by the client.

The following advice sheets are optional:

  • Schedule of works (advice on how to organise the process if you plan to implement the design yourself)
  • Maintenance advice where appropriate (over and above normal gardening skills)

(If you decide to use a builder to implement the design, I can suggest names and addresses of some whose work I know, but any outside contracts are between you and the builder.)


Payment will be due as follows:

  • At my first visit: a fixed charge, which is payable at the end of this visit.

Thereafter the cost of the design will depend on the size of the garden and the number of special features (eg pond/water feature) which are to be incorporated. I will let you know how much the plan is likely to cost following my initial visit.

  • On receipt of the final plan: the remainder is payable when I bring the finished plan.

I very much look forward to seeing your garden and to designing your potential paradise!