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Small Square Garden, Headington

A small garden behind a semi-detached house. A stagnant pond had been removed and concrete walls dug out, leaving a weed-covered area of earth and gravel. With a limited budget the design specified a split-level garden, using new oak sleepers for the retaining wall and steps.

The upper lawn (turf) was a square turned 45 degrees, to make the garden seem bigger. A brick edging makes mowing easier and defines the shape. The compost/utility area behind the shed was bark-chipped and hidden by the trellis panel with its climbing rose and Ceanothus.

An octagonal patio was set into the original brickwork area, the colour blending with the bricks. The fence was painted dark brown and an oak sleeper was placed along it for extra seating.

Stepping stones lead along the lower grass area by the house to a barbecue place by the kitchen window, although this is currently used for a sandpit.

The long-neglected apple trees were rejuvenated by careful pruning. The triangular beds were filled with topsoil and compost and new plants put in, including herbs and rhubarb. A Rhododendron and an Acer in large pots provide extra interest.

A new shed in need of a garden!
The shed now has a new garden
View from upstairs, before redesign
View from upstairs – the new patio
Looking at the back door, before redesign
Looking at the new patio
View along the back of the house, before redesign
View along back of the house – with new levels in place
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